A few years ago I discovered, or was it someone else discovered that I am fotogen. This progressed to the day when I had to stand alone in front of the camera, my first model shooting and I felt good about it. I never saw the results but the photographer seemed  to be happy with me and I got paid! 

I was up for the challenge and these I got. Imagine being invited as a model without too much experience, not knowing what you have to pose for, which product or whatever, and then you arrive and are shown a storyboard and told to wait. Yes waiting is the thing you do more of in this profession. Then you are on the shoot and if you`re lucky you get clear advise as to what you should do, or how you should look, expressions and so on. It`s a challenge in more ways than one, but being a creative person it wasn`t too difficult. 

I guessed that  if I was to go forward then I must do it in a more professional way and this meant having photos for a presentation. My newly found photographer  turned out to be a hit, he saw my values and brought them out of me. His creative genius turned me into an overnight model as he produced something which set me up as a Best Ager Photomodel and I was then able to present myself as such. My first Model Agency Contract followed and  jobs came after the other, my new life in the commercial photo world had began.


During this time I also got involved as an actor in theater.  Direct individual contact - face to face - and a very exciting project.  Zurich, Basel, Hamburg and Chur.  Pproducer Dominic Huber who one year later Dominic invited me to act again in Zurich Neumarkt Theater, three months in the old town of Zurich Niederdorf  was super.


My life goes on and I am curious as to what might follow, I have ideas and I will make attemps to realise them, we`ll see. The very fortunate thing about being retired is that I have time, energy and a life long experience in many branches of life. Let the challenges follow I say..

2017 December a small update - I am performing as a Best Ager Photomodel internationally.

2022 Still going strong as a Best Ager Commercial Photo Model. Many new jobs in many cities and countries. It`s been very exciting and rewarding and I look forward to a lot more.


My Achievments in recent years.

Location - near to Zurich

Email: jimabstract@gmail.com

+41 763344613