Hamburg early morning, -2 degrees snow all around and the pavements wet and slippery. I had a meeting out of town so took the train, then tried to find my way but had some difficulties. I asked a young man and he sent me off in the wrong direction. After 1 km and with wet feet I decided to ask again,then the truth came.I had to return, back through the snow and water again dragging my 9 kg model suit case with me. Ah and then eventually I found the office. Went in and was warmly welcomed, coffee as a reward and a friendly chat and then a short photo session. One hour later I left and headed back to the S-Bahn.and then to Hamburg Airport. I had plenty of time so had lunch, but before that I changed my wet shoes and sox. The spare shoes were meant for the shooting the day before but now I was pleased to have them with me. Lunch, a drink and then off to the aircraft.

I boarded the plane which was due to fly to Zurich where I live. I had a middle seat next to a hard working business gentleman in a black suit, he didn`t want to chat, didn`t even say hello! Then to my left my companion passanger arrived. Overweight, about 140 kgs heavy, in fact so big and wide he could hardly get his backside in between the arms of the seat. There was an overflow of flesh which then took a part of my sitting room - nasty and very unlikeable. I asked him why he hadn`t booked two seats but no plausable answer came. I told him to get his backside out of the seat again because I wanted to go to the flight attendant - which I did. The answer was to wait until all passengers were on board, they forgot me so I called them again. They then gave me a seat at the back of the plane - why couldn`t he go there I asked. `We cannot discriminate` was the answer!

I survived the journey and then got on the S bahn towards my home. After a short while the announcement came that the line was blocked and at a certain point all passengers must make transfer with busses.The station arrived and I then looked for a bus, no where to be seen so I then tried to get on another train which I hoped might bring me in the right direction. Getting in the small train was not so easy, a few hundred other people were trying also! It was raining hard and there I was standing on the platform trying to push my way into the train, several ladies next to me were trying this also. But nobody wanted to give way. Jim put on his acting hat and then shouted to all those inside that they should `move along inside and make way for other passengers`. They hated me for this but they did it anyway. Good acting Jim!!

Okay two trains later and then heading in the right direction a young lady spoke to me. She asked me if I am OK. So nice I thought and we started to chat, and like I do I show interest in new people and it turned out to be very interesting and a great relief after being pressed together by so many other passengers in such a small carriage. Now I know who she is and what she does for a living and she knows the same about me. Having told her what I do for a living the questions came thick and fast. It was a very active conversation, but I thought I should telephone my wife and ask her to pick me up at a nearby station. My telephone battery was dead!! But my newly found friend offered me her telephone - super all was then arranged.

Shortly before the young lady, by the way she had red hair and green eyes, very attractive, well dressed with a good figure and about 26 years old, told me how very pleased she was to have met me. Until that time she had also had a bad day in the business. Then she gave me a present, a bottle of mens SAUVAGE parfume!! Oh boy my day was saved - After going through all the evils of that day and then receiving such a beautiful sentiment from a total stranger was absolutely top and made it all worth while.

A models life is not all glamour but it can be very rewarding in terms of adventure and experiences.