Jim`s Video Intro Deutsch  / English Oct 23

Bemer Group Product Release Video in Berlin Jan 2023

Tete De Moine shooting 2023

XMAS CAMPAIGN SHOOT - DEPOT in Aux en Provence 2021

Photoshoot in France July 2021

Andrea Germann & Jim Sullivan modelling in Munich July 2021

Random photos July 2021


Fashion & Faces Magazin/Brillen Shooting DE July 2018

Photos taken from a Fashion/Optic shooting Koeln Aug/2018

Shooting in Zurich May 2018 - Simone Becchetti MILAN

R&V Versicherung Shooting in Berlin

PENNY MARKT DE - Easter Promotion in 3,500 supermarkt shops-InStyle Model Agency Munich

V&R Versicherung Spring 2018 promo shooting in Berlin. Greta Silver & Jim Sullivan Best Ager Models

OOMO Model Agency Hamburg

PHILIPS  Photoshooting  promo in 25hrs.Hotel Zurich - Jim as Butler.

Chelsea Court London Photoshooting

Versatile jim

Photos by Silvan Fessler - Winterthur

photos Michelle Bruegger - Zurich

Swiss Railway SBB Promo

GRIS Alliance Createurs Fashion Show Zurich Sept. 2016 

Photo from GRIS Fashion Show Zurich Sept. clothes by Marc Stone
shoes Maison des Talons, ring Digimorphe, scarf Gentle Earth.

sungalsses Scharfmacher Brillen - Spitfire London


Photo by Oliver Rust


Photo shooting in Barcelona for Symrise AG

photo by Oliver Gast - Austria - EXIT Model Agency Hamburg/Creative Director Dirk Heine

60`s in London, my first car MG TD 52 photo by simone becchetti Milan

photos by simone becchetti - Milan Italy

 Height-182cm. Hair Color- Salt & Pepper.  Eyes -Blue.  Suit-52. Jeans-34. Shoes-43.

 Body 102/98/102. Kragen-42.  Hat-58.

 Always Available - See Booking for contact info.

 I live in Zurich but model everywhere. 

 Wohnhaft in Zurich model ueberall,

Photos by Arndt Veuskens - Hamburg

photo shooting  by Katarzyna Skowronek - Poland

He said  ` it`s nice to have a friend like you`

Prosenectute Shooting  photo Nadia Neuhaus 

Feelings  -  Street Photo Session by Dominik Sigrist Zurich 

(I don`t smoke)!

street photo shooting zurich - `Jim doesn`t smoke`!

photo shooting by michael shepherd - basel

`A New Life`

a motivations film for people that are about to retire or change direction in their lives.

Text / actor / narrator - jim sullivan

film / DOP/Editor - marion bangerter 

Photo Shooting by Simone Becchetti  - Milan Italy

Photos by Alex Mitschink - Berlin

Frame shots taken from film `Goodbye Walter` by Marion Bengerter, Zurich

                      Photos by Vera Ley Waedenswil `Mafioso` shooting  Zurich.

                                           Best  Ager Models  mirjana@Visage &  jim sullivan

Best ager models mirjana@Visage & jim sullivan. 30`s Photoshooting by Heike Witzgal  Zurich

Photoshooting by Peter Hossfeld - Zurich 



Theater Performances.

`Warten auf die Barbaren` by Dominic Huber. Zurich, Basel, Berlin, Chur.

`Joyland` by Dominic Huber. Neumarkt Theater Zurich Jan/March 2014 


Film & Video Work 

`Alles Im Griff ` Swiss Films Awards 

Website Filming / `Talent Booster` Showman & solo dancing - Boyan Ambroz  

                                  `From Kid` Main rolle dancer in music video - Franco Jilli 

                                   Film  2015  Zurich Film Festival short film competition. 4th position.

                                 `Goodbye Walter` Emotional film from MarionBangerter.                                                                               2016 - Film `99bpm` by DS Solutions. Main role as mentor for a young dancer.

                                  20 Minuten Mercedes advertising film - rolle Proffesor inventer.

                                 `A New Life` text etc jim production Marion Bangerter - a motivations video.

                                  2017 Jakarta film group rolle as restaurant manager.

                                  2017 Internet Video Site Video Luzern

                                  2017 DILLY SOX Promo Video Main Rolle

                                  2017 BONIFAZ GIN Brand promo Video - Main Rolle as English Lord


                                  Fotoshootings Many - COMMERCIALS LINK  2013-2018


Zurich, SG, Bern, Basel, Barcelona, Hamburg, Singapore, Mallorca.                                                         4 x LONDON, Miami. Berlin, Munich etc.


                                  FASHION Modelling GRIS Zurich 2016




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Fashion Show TECHNOPARK Zurich Nov.2013

Knacherbuehle JoizTV Rapper Video 2013

Swiss Hotels Film Awards

`Barbaren` Theater Installation Spiel from DominicHuber. Zurich,Basel,Berlin,Chur.